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The One Where Aveline Wears a Bandana

It’s summer. I can smell it in the fresh air blowing in through the open French doors as I sit drinking my coffee out of a cobalt mug. I can see it in the wind that blows through Sierra’s long silky fur, and I can taste it in the tender lettuce greens heaped high on my plate.

We’re on a mini-vacation, Aveline and I. We’ve survived the “flying with an infant” thing (second time in Aveline’s short five months!) and now we’re resting getting spoiled at my parents’ home.

Josiah is at home, working hard. I miss him. I wish he were here with us, to experience the cool temperatures and the incredible peace that is everywhere in this restful place. Aveline will tell him all about it, I am sure, in her delicate voice and unmistakably Italian hand gestures.

We took a little stroll around the yard the other day, soaking in the quietness and the trees.

Aveline wearing red bandana and gingham/polka dot dress

Aveline in small stroller next to garden bench

View through fencing into hot/house/greenhouse garden

Door to hothouse/greenhouse garden

Aveline wearing red bandana and gingham dress, kicking bare foot into camera

Sierra the Papillon at entrance to hothouse/greenhouse garden

Aveline falling asleep

Very blue sky and green leafy tree


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