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Guest Post: Mothers

Artsy Ants - Sylvia - Photograph of Mother and Child's Hand

Artsy Ants - Sylvia - Photograph of Pinwheel in Garden Pot

Artsy Ants - Sylvia - Photograph of  Child's Hand and Breakfast Table

Artsy Ants - Sylvia - Photograph of  Child on Striped Blanket

mothers –
i’ve questioned them. i’ve read their stories. i’ve seen their glimpses.
and now i’m there myself.
is there a way to capture the depth, the intensity of this journey?

there are snapshots.

remnants of our day are scattered on the floor.
different piles of work that keep emerging.
still-lifes he creates with wooden blocks, cans and play cars.
i don’t know how many times the kitchen floor has been sweeped today.
he wakes up at night, seeking our closeness, and goes back to sleep, his breath brushing my neck.
whenever my voice rises in excitement, his little hand pats my shoulder.
he stops his walk to look at my feet standing next to him, walking with him.

yes, it’s dirty, it’s hard, it’s work.
and i’m tired.

but amidst the chaos of it all, i see our tiny everyday adventures,
our rituals growing, our family becoming.

and it’s beautifully wild, delightful, empowering.
just where i want to be.

sylvia is a storytelling mama and wife, girl with a camera, maker of stuff, lover of everyday beauty. together with her sister simona, she has a a sisterly art collaboration. they are two artsy ants, an ocean apart, busy making art on their ant hills while caring for their colonies.

they’re passionate about paint on their fingers, lovely design, thrift stores, snapping away, kissing baby feet and skype! visit the anthill on and their etsy shop on


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Mothers”

  1. How beautiful! I think being a mother is the hardest and greatest thing I have ever done.
    My children make my life make sense and give a wonderful purpose to my days. I am
    awed to be their mom!


  2. what a lovely post, sylvia!
    no reward comes for free. motherhood means a lot of work but i hear so many comments of how rewarding it is from any parent i know. although i’m not a mom myself i love watching you and other parents look at their children with so much love in their eyes, it warms my heart.


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