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Aveline’s First Swim (30 Day June Photo Challenge – Days 19 & 20 – Summertime & Water)

It’s easy to complain about the weather. Yes, even in Florida, I am ashamed to say that I complain.

It’s too hot.

It’s too humid.

Granted, the humidity is pretty suffocating (83% humidity at 9 am; forecasted high of 98° with heat index of 105°), but when you think about it?  It’s actually kind of extremely ridiculous to complain. I mean, we’re living in a destination city. People pay money to come here. They pay money to experience what I take for granted.

So what would it look like if I stopped comparing Florida to California and started treating Florida as if I was on vacation here? Well, it would probably look a little bit like this:

Baby Aveline sitting on a chaise lounge near the pool

Baby Aveline in pink calico dress and white eyelet lace sunhat

No diving sign next to pool

Florida palm trees, clouds and rooftops

Baby Aveline's first swim in the pool

Beautiful, isn’t it?

This weekend was Aveline’s first time swimming.It was so beautiful to watch as the uncertain look on her face faded away and was replaced with a contented smile.

As she happily splashed, I thought, Lord, let me jump in to Florida. Wash away my uncertainty and let me trust your arms to hold me up so I will not sink. 

2 thoughts on “Aveline’s First Swim (30 Day June Photo Challenge – Days 19 & 20 – Summertime & Water)”

  1. I live in Colorado and in the winter have to remind myself sometimes of the very same thing. Other people pay big bucks to come here for this snow! But summer is why I stay. Low humidity at a mile high plus less bugs makes outdoors an addition to my home that I love. Now today is another story. 60 degrees and rain…but still, I’m grateful. My garden is grateful, the firefighters are grateful and it could be worse. Seems a bit higher up they have SNOW!

    I’ve said it before and will repeat it here…your daughter is gorgeous!


  2. Ah, that’s beautiful dear. & right about today–expecting triple digits in lovely downtown Sac.–I’m wishing I were IN that pool. It looks dreamy. :-)

    d, xo


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