INSPIRATION :: Shades of Turquoise Blue: A Small Collection

I’ve been drawn to this color lately. It keeps popping up all over the place, from a corugated iron church in the hills of Scotland to chevron-patterned textiles.

Season of Cherries - turquoise and red photograph from Canelle et Vanelle at
image via Canelle et Vanille

Blue and White Zig Zag Chevron Duvet Cover from Urban Outfitters
Zigzag Duvet Cover; image via Urban Outfitters

Baby in White and Red Enamel Washbasin Wearing Turquoise Ruffled SwimSuit - via cBaase
image via cBaase

our lady of mercy, dull, scotland - beautiful ocean-green church in the mountains - maraid design
image via maraid design

Zigzag Romper - Kop Organics
image via Köp Organics


1 thought on “INSPIRATION :: Shades of Turquoise Blue: A Small Collection”

  1. these are beautiful photos! turquoise blue was my main favorite color growing up so i steered away from it the past 10 years or so. but i just realized it wasn’t such a bad choice of color after all :)


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