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letters to aveline: your beautiful voice

 my beautiful baby girl wearing a pink calico dress and lavender bloomers, laying on periwinkle fabric

Dear Aveline,

I love how happy you are. You bring me so much joy. You’ve recently added many new sounds to your vocabulary in the past couple weeks, and your babbling voice is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. You sound like you must have come straight from heaven. In a way, you did. You’re the answer to our prayers.

Yesterday, you discovered your feet. You spent an unbelievable amount of time bent over, intently grabbing at your feet. You grunted in the most hilarious way. And I am sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh when you got squawking mad because you were unable to pull off your toes.

I love you, my little sweets.

Always and forever,
Your mama


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