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open windows

the windows are open this morning, and the a/c is switched off.  there’s hardly ever a cool-down at night here, so the fact that it’s just after 10 am and still nice enough to enjoy open windows is really something. the hardest part of florida weather for me to get used to, besides the humidity, is the lack of a cooling overnight delta breeze! (you sacramento valley dwellers know what i’m talking about.)

bare baby feet - coral / salmon colored baby girl dress

aveline is freshly bathed, laying happily on her stomach playing with toys. and i..well, i just realized that i left my coffee in the french press.

off to rescue my coffee and thus the morning,


2 thoughts on “open windows”

  1. Isn’t it gorgeous this morning? It’s only when you wake up and slip outside with a cup of coffee to feel the fresh, cool breeze that you realize how much you miss it. I wish every Florida morning could be like this.


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