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a mysterious (at least to me) striped eggplant from the farmers’ market

this weekend was lovely. we discovered a little gem of a farmers market within walking distance. josiah and i walked there with aveline on saturday, and we plan to do the same next saturday. i just love farmers markets in the summer…the delicious scent of all those fresh fruits and vegetables, the feeling of the heat riding up from the earth under my feet.

we came home with peppers (including the hugest cubanelles i’ve ever seen), plum tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, snap peas, and a stripey-looking eggplant.

striped eggplant

i must confess, i’ve never seen a striped eggplant before. can anyone tell me what type it might be?  i tried googling eggplant varieties, but got conflicting information which confused me. i’m especially curious to see if this has a different flavor than the more traditional purple eggplant.

to prepare, i usually saute in olive oil, and then layer into lasagne — but this toasted eggplant tapenade has me thinking of lighter, more summery recipes. hmmm…


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