i think a haircut is in my future…

…and i think it’s going to look like this.

shaggy layered long hair with bangs via ukhairdressers

both images via


12 thoughts on “i think a haircut is in my future…”

  1. I have been contemplating bangs too. I think the first pic is a great style for you. I’m planning on the same idea. It’s a good fit since big eyes never get lost under soft sultry bangs. If no makeup happens, it’s impossible to notice under a nicely framed face… I can’t wait to see the pics.


    1. Thanks Lisa! I haven’t had bangs for 10 years or so, and haven’t had thick bangs for at least 15! A little nervous but life is too short to worry about making the wrong decision about hair…it’s just hair ;-) Now I just have to find a stylist and then hope Aveline behaves for Josiah!


  2. There is nothing like a good haircut after having a baby. It revitalises you. I shall never forget my first haircut after having my first baby. It was such an amazing feeling to be normal again and feel attractive for the first time in months. Go for it!


  3. so fun! love the cut. be sure to show us a picture when it’s done! thanks for the comment on my blog. definitely leaning towards bangs :)


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