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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: a beautiful sunny saturday afternoon

it’s just beautiful in central florida right now. as much as i miss norcal, i’m actually really glad i’m missing the pollen-infested allergy season. see this pretty flower? it wasn’t at all sneeze-inducing. at this time last year in california, both josiah and i sneezed non-stop for two months. here? nary a sneeze.

beautiful pink blossom in central Florida

we’re taking advantage of this beautiful weather as much as we can. this afternoon, we went out for a walk in the sunshine.

oaxacaborn and 26pm - crossing the street - skirt and sandals, flip flops with blue jeans

out little neighborhood is simply lovely. we’re so blessed to live in a place like this. i just love all the palm trees! and i love that handsome man with all of my heart. (aveline’s eyelet floppy hat is from the children’s place; her dress is the sweet pinny from the pumpkin patch. it’s no longer available but you can view it here.)

26pm holding daughter baby aveline near palm trees - daddy's shirt from o'neill, baby's clothes from the childrens place

and what’s a little walk without a detour for coffee? decaf, of course. aveline is enough caffeine for me. when it comes to keeping me up at night, she gives late-night shots of espresso a definite run for their money.

starbucks iced americano with baby in background

holding aveline near florida palm trees (baby's sundress and sunhat both from the children's place; mama's tank from target)

oh, i live such a blessed, beautiful life.


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