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happy birthday, john. remember when?

happy 19th birthday to my little brother, john! (well, he USED to be littler than me)

J-Bird and Gino

i love you john. and because i’m your big sister, i need to embarrass you a tad.

remember when you were still in a high chair and would stop eating dinner when someone mentioned the word cookies? we started calling them galletas, but you learned that in like three days.

remember how i would (rather wildly) bounce you on my knees when you were smallish? (papa had a horse, his name was jack, put ‘im in stable and he fell through the CRACK!)

remember jeremy the ant-sized boy? he and his adventures would only be told when we had to sleep on the pull-out couch in the basement because there was company in our rooms.

remember singing david cassidy’s i think i love you at the top of your lungs into a fake microphone? (i told you this was going to be embarrassing. but you were like 4, so it’s ok)

remember requesting a caterpillar birthday cake…for three years in a row?

remember when i curled all your hair and dad got mad? ha ha ha.

remember singing big bump the bubble tree riding around wisconsin in the back of the old van?

remember when you started skiing and people called you “the baby on skis”? (note to my blog readers: don’t miss john’s incredible you tube skiing channel!)

remember reading aloud ALL the street signs, bumper stickers, and billboards on the way back from chicago? you were driving everybody batty so i just joined in too.

remember when i snuck up behind you in the pool at our house in california and whispered helloooo, little boy? you nearly punched my lights out.

remember taking my camera and taking picture of your head, then quickly putting the camera back? (as if i wouldn’t find the pictures.)

remember memorizing verses together so we could do fun things off our summer list, like bike to the store and eat donuts?

remember when i told mom i wouldn’t take you for bike rides because you would just charge through intersections like a maniac? (blog readers: it paid off. he’s got crazy awesome bmx bike videos.

remember the last time i beat you arm wrestling and then i retired from the sibling arm wrestling competition so you would forever be stuck in third place? muah ha ha ha.

so, happy birthday, john. you’re an amazing, talented, artistic, wonderful brother and i’m superbly proud of you.

(ps. andy, don’t breathe a sigh of relief yet. you will get your turn…)


1 thought on “happy birthday, john. remember when?”

  1. i really enjoyed reading this although i don’t know either one of you. i wish everybody had siblings. one of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave me was my sister. well, in reality i was a gift to her since she was around before me :)


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