Life in Photos

of weekends and sunshine and circuit breakers and phineas & ferb

some weekends sail more smoothly than others. friday night started out with the power in three rooms flickering in and out. saturday morning, lights still flickering in the house, josiah discovered a hole in one of the radiator hoses in the car. meanwhile, the apartment maintenance man flipped breaker switches on and off, replaced an outlet, said lots of words like volts and circuits and hmmm, this isn’t good. (he said a few other kinds of words, too.) sunday, the iAlarm didn’t go off and we all accidentally overslept. despite my best scrambling efforts, we weren’t ready in time for church. aveline cried herself to sleep last night and woke up wailing at 6 this morning.  (and the next thing she did wasn’t really that pleasant, so i’ll spare you the details. let’s just say the washing machine got an early wake-up call too.)

but there were nice things about this weekend, too. we went shopping. we saw a little kid drop dr. doofenschmirtz onto the floor while we were in a store, and my eyes popped out of my head. so we immediately went searching the toy section to see what sort of doofenschmirtz merchandise was for sale. (and yes, josiah pointed out that we are indeed 27 years old; but did you know they sell a mini perry the platypus figure, complete with gnome disguise?!)

so as you might have guessed by now, we watched phineas & ferb cartoons this weekend. we also ate tilapia and avocado. and went downtown, and walked around the lake as we people-watched. it was sunny and gorgeous and wonderful and people were, predictably, funny to watch. aveline wore her sunbonnet and snoozed on daddy’s shoulder.

Phineas and Ferb screen capture; tilapia, avocado, and brown rice dinner.

Aveline, Josiah and Gina - Downtown Orlando

Lake Eola Orlando; baby Aveline wearing lacy sunbonnet

so things are looking better. today, the electrician is coming to (hopefully) fix the sizzly problem. and best of all? my dear dear friend lauren is flying in from chicago.  can you believe i haven’t seen her since 2008, when she was a bridesmaid in my wedding? this reunion is long overdue. i can’t even tell you how excited i am!


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