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stacks of boxes, a new iPod, and trust

it’s late. i’m too fatigued to have many thoughts. my fingers tap softly across the screen of this brand new iPod. my eyes, tired and scratchy, narrow to read these words. i sit on the black leather couch, surrounded by towering stacks of brown boxes. each is taped and labeled, and each holds a little piece of the personality that made these four walls our own.

i sigh.

aveline lays across my lap, peaceful and trusting, calm in the face of looming change. she is not fretting about where she will live next or how she will manage the next few weeks. she does not wonder if my arms will hold her up. she just IS.

and you know? i want to trust like that.

pure, peaceful, natural trust.


1 thought on “stacks of boxes, a new iPod, and trust”

  1. i’m not envying you for having to pack. but once you get to your destination and give it a few more weeks to settle in you’ll be able to kick back, relax, and sleep as sound and peaceful as aveline does when she takes a nap. :)


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