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yes, i’m overdue…but it’s citrus season in california! (and other blessings)

whew. what a long week it has been. today’s extension of the weekend was a welcome, welcome thing.

tuesday i had an exam,  thursday had an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels, and then on saturday we went on a precautionary outing to labor & delivery. after another exam, monitoring, and a non-stress test, they sent me home. and tomorrow? a doctor appointment and yet another non-stress test.

yes, i’m officially 41 weeks today. you wouldn’t believe how many advice-filled emails, facebook messages and texts i’ve received lately! (whewwww. just whew. take a deep breath and just walk away from the computer and the cell phone, gina.)

california citrus season - fresh lemon with stem attached, displayed on white fabric backgroundbut on the glorious side of things? i finally have a working washing machine. my dear friend shanley is back in town.  the bathroom faucet no longer drips incessantly. caffeinated soy lattes and caffeinated dark chocolate mochas are in my future. two friends’ baby showers are coming up, and that means a ton of crocheting with soft baby yarns.  and oh yes, it’s citrus season here in northern california. there’s nothing better than a practically unlimited supply of lemons. swoon!

and the best thing? this is The Week, folks! she’ll be here by the end of the week. =D

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4 thoughts on “yes, i’m overdue…but it’s citrus season in california! (and other blessings)”

  1. Oh it’s so exciting!! You better keep us Twitter folk up to date. I’m during to hear your news.

    I had noticed the abundance of oranges and lemons around. I’m jealous. I want a Lemon tree *stomps foot*

    Big Hugs xxx


    1. I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop! Worst case scenario, I shall vanish for a few days and then return triumphant! Haha!

      Ah yes, citrus trees. We don’t have any of our own, but live just a mile away from hubby’s family — and they have a lemon tree as well as a blood orange and a satsuma mandarin tree. So amazingly good!


  2. hey gina! i know how it feels to be pregnant for so long :( i was pregnant for 42 weeks… i don’t think any of the advice really helps. your baby knows when she’s ready and you will know it was perfect timing in hindsight. all the best for these last days and we can’t wait to meet your little girl!


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