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Hand-embroidered, Japanese, and Mexican Baby Girl Clothes

It was deliciously cold this morning: 27 degrees. (Go ahead, you Midwesterners, laugh at me. But this IS California, after all.) I woke up to the little dog curled up tightly in his bed…and my husband outside in shirt sleeves and wet hair — taking photographs of ice and frost. Brrrr. Even the sunlight looked cold this morning…icy blue and shivering. I grabbed my camera too (well, eventually; after reveling in the warm covers for an rather lovely amount of time), but didn’t leave the warm house. No sirree bob. Instead, I stayed inside and took some photos of lovely baby clothes. Ohhhh, I can’t wait to put a tiny little human into these clothes!

Hand-embroidered onesie in progress

close-up macro detail photo of colorful abstract hand embroidery on white baby girls onesie

hand-embroidered white baby girl onesie - taken in front of white curtains and blue christmas garland in morning light

Infant sleep sack from Japan

close-up macro photo of detail on japanese baby girl outfit

japanese baby girl outfit, hanging in blue light in front of window and curtains

Little Girl’s Dress/Shirt from Oaxaca, Mexico

mexican little girl's embroidered shirt from oaxaca, mexico

mexican little girl's dress/shirt from oaxaca, mexico

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