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how do you answer the question, ‘are you ready for the baby?’

it’s a quiet day here. it’s been gray outside all day, but gray in a lovely, sleepy, peaceful way. lisa hannigan and damien rice softly sing in the background while the dog sleeps, the Christmas tree lights twinkle, and the votive candles silently flicker.

silver metal votive holder with diecut snoflake design - lit with tea light on black background

at the request of generous friends who’ve offered to make me meals after baby is born, i’ve been working for hours on an exhaustive list of allergy-safe foods. you know, those strange ingredients which are free of corn, dairy, and wheat/gluten. they DO exist. they’re just elusive. i’ll post the list here, in PDF form, after i’ve finished compiling it.

beginnings of an embroidered flower on a baby shirt

speaking of baby, she’s due four-and-a-half weeks from now. eeee! obviously, i know she could be earlier or later than that, but it was quite a reality check when my doctor informed me this week that baby has already dropped.Β  and how do you answer the question, “are you ready for the baby?” i mean, the crib is set up. the changing table is stocked with diapers. the clothes are washed and folded. my tummy is more than ready to stop stretching. the freezer meals…ok, the freezer meals aren’t made.Β  and the hospital bag is not packed.

hanging white paper stars from the ceiling of the dining room

but how do you answer that question? are we ready for the baby? everything, and nothing, prepares us for this moment. we are altogether entirely ready and entirely unprepared. we are entering the unknown for which we’ve longed and prayed. we do not know what faces us, and yet, we run madly into this moment. we run madly, with eyes open and with eyes closed, with open arms and with overflowing joyful hearts.

beginnings of a 3D cardboard giant letters project - hope - lowercase century gothic

and hope shines on, every brightly.

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6 thoughts on “how do you answer the question, ‘are you ready for the baby?’”

  1. Hi there, i just came across your blog.
    yes, you run madly into this moment. and you’re only ready once that moment actually arrives. and then you’re always ready for every other moment that comes after that. i experienced that 13 months ago and my boy arrived 13 days after the due date (not trying to scare you here but by then i was READY ;))
    i love the decorations you put up! and btw, damien rice and lisa hannigan are also filling our home with sweet sounds!
    have a great day!


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