LIFE IN PHOTOS :: move over, anthropologie. 26:PM is making giant letters.

letters via anthropologie

Remember when I said, “I think our house is in need of some giant letters“? Well, why let Anthropologie have all the fun? We’re making this happen. (And by me, I actually mean 26:PM, who actually just tweeted a photo of the work in progress).

[UPDATE: See another, better, photo of the giant cardboard letters here.]

giant cardboard letters in progress - to be used as home decor

If you don’t want to go through all the work to make these by hand, you can also buy premade papier mache 3D cardboard letters.


7 thoughts on “LIFE IN PHOTOS :: move over, anthropologie. 26:PM is making giant letters.”

  1. As Julie and Pamela Sam have already brought to light, this post seems to be missing the tutorial for making these letters. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but this seems to be intentional, a fraud…a con. Please don’t use Pinterest as your own personal site for free advertisement. It’d be one thing if you were simply providing an optional purchase, but this is not cool. People come here in good faith to get helpful ideas and to share their own helpful ideas with others…including you. If I am mistaken, I ask your forgiveness, and I kindly request that you provide us with a tutorial or direct is to it’s location. If I am not mistaken, I hope that you will give a little thought to this message. Many Thanks. ~Stephanie


    1. Hi Stephanie! I’m married to an artist, so there are always art projects in varying stages of completion throughout our home. Back in 2010, this blog was much more casual and personal than it is today, with a much smaller and personal audience. From time to time, I would snap a photo of something interesting in our home, and share it on my blog. (In fact, in 2010, Pinterest hadn’t even opened to the general public yet!) I never promoted this post as a tutorial, though, and certainly never misrepresented this post as containing step-by-step instructions! Apparently recently, more and more people, unbeknownst to me, have found this old post and have pinned it to DIY boards on Pinterest — perhaps that’s where the confusion comes in?

      In any case, here’s how my husband created these six years ago (I’m relying on my memory here). Open a word processing program and type the word or letters you wish to create. Change to a sans serif font, and adjust the font size to a very, very large number, and adjust the font color to light grey or outline, to save on ink. When you print the word/letters, each letter will actually print out over several pieces of paper; you’ll need to match each page containing a partial letter together, and tape them on the back to create a full letter. Then dumpster-dive for some cardboard boxes, flatten the boxes, and, using your paper letters as a template, cut out a front and reverse back for each letter. Once that’s done, decide how deep you want each 3D shape, and cut out strips of cardboard to tape between each letter’s front and reverse back. I suppose one could then decoupage over each letter to hide the tape, but as we never got that far in this project, I have no advice for that process.

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