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crocheted vintage sweater dress for baby [and weekly photo roundup]

i was recently given a bunch of yarn scraps which originally belonged to my husband’s great-grandma. during her life, she crocheted countless items for my husband and his siblings, so i wanted to make something for our baby — who would have been her first great great grandchild — out of these bits of yarn.

>crocheted sweater dress for baby girl - made from scraps of vintage yarn which originally belonged to baby's great great grandma

also, a few photographic snapshots from around the house this week:

las vegas glass and red and turquoise damask tile

roll of brown vintage yarn

green floral hoodie tossed over back of chair, hardwood floor

jolene the tabby cat

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4 thoughts on “crocheted vintage sweater dress for baby [and weekly photo roundup]”

    1. Hi April! I didn’t follow a pattern per se. I just crocheted the dress in two flat pieces, front and back, and then stitched the two pieces together. You can take a dress you already have, lay it flat onto a big piece of paper and trace around it, then use that shape as your guide while you crochet. It’s just a series of straight stitches, very easy since it’s done in two separate pieces. :) Hope that makes sense!


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