hand-dyed fibers and yarns::a collection of fotos found on flickr

my latest do-it-your-self attempts — tie-dyeing diapers and onesies and crocheting baby blankets and hats — have got me thinking. i think my next project just might be hand-dyeing yarn. i still have a ton of procion fiber reactive dye powder. hmmmm….

while i ponder the earthy, bohemian colours i might choose (i am a gypsy at heart after all), i’m eating gluten-free chocolate cake and looking over some amazing fibers online. mmm, saturdays!

taos sunflower fibers and yarn

via Stephig on flickr

changeling yarn

via jessprkle on flickr

More images after the jump:

via helloyarn on flickr

hand-dyed sock yarn

hand dyed yarn scarf

via sheepsclothing on flickr

art yarn - anarkali

via RitaMehra on flickr

hand-dyed yarn

via backpackphotography on flickr

The yarn that is hanging is dyed naturally from flowers and plants, such as eucalyptus.

via KatieLeigh McG on flickr

recycled scarf knit

via gypsywagons on flickr

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