gluten-free vegan cheese pizza: the August Break [photo #13]

the August Break image of gluten-free bruschetta with vegan cheese and organic tomatos and basil


2 thoughts on “gluten-free vegan cheese pizza: the August Break [photo #13]

  1. ok. that looks yummy. What is the base? And what is vegan cheese made out of?
    btw, Gina, I’m very happy hearing about your little GIRL.


    • the gluten-free/dairy-free crust is made out of rice flour, vegan palm shortening, an egg, water, sea salt, and a bunch of pizza herbs.

      vegan cheese is generally made from rice, soy, or nuts.

      i can’t eat most faux cheese since they usually have ingredients like maltodextrin or xanthan gum or natural flavor (which contain corn). some dairy-free cheeses even have small amounts of casein (milk protein)…not good. i found some fabulous stuff, though, that’s completely “gina-safe”…no traces of gluten, wheat, corn, or dairy. it’s not good cold, but heated above 400F it gets all nice and bubbly and tastes great.

      thanks…i’m SO HAPPY about our little girl, too! it’s surreal…such a miracle…we are so so thankful for this blessing from God.


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