ugandan school children supported through Life with Hope.

Life with Hope sponsorship through Align Ministries in Uganda feeds children and gives them hope

My soul-sister Shanley is currently living in the village of Bombo, Uganda. I got an email from her this morning, telling me about Kenneth, the little boy you see in the image above. She writes,

“They found him, screaming, after falling onto a hot stove and burning his entire arm and the side of his face….people just gathered around staring…and finally when church leaders passed by, they woke his mother, and got someone to bandage him.

That was about two months ago. Now, he is getting daily food at school through money that is donated through Life with Hope. His stomach, swollen from malnutrition, is shrinking – and you should see how chubby he’s getting. Gosh, he’s cute. I love to pick him up and squish his little heinie and say “How are you? How are you? How are you?” and he says “I’m fine. I’m fine” with his serious little chubby face. He LOVES porridge, and is one of few kids who always ask for seconds.”

I know you hear about hungry children in Africa all the time.  But this is more than a cliche. This is real. A child. A soul. And did you know?  When you support a child through Align, 100% of the money actually goes to that child!

Find out more via, and walk alongside Shanley on her journey in Uganda through her amazing blog, Voye’m.

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