Poetry & Words

a little glimpse

yes, i know. i haven’t been blogging much (at all?). but really, blame it all on our little kumquat. for such a tiny little human, he/she sure has a very strong opinion of how i should spend my days. (i.e., kneeling in front of the porcelain throne.)

mom recently gave me a framed version of this lovely Mary Cassatt image:

Breakfast-in-Bed Mary Cassatt painting

and can you guess where i hung it? yes. above the porcelain throne.  i like that reminder it gives me.  this too will pass.  for such a time as this.  everything in its season. how a very brief trial will reap unspeakable rewards.

i can see a little glimpse of what’s to come in that mary cassatt image.  the look on the mother’s face. the curly-haired child. the cup of coffee.

and i’m filled with such joy.

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