Poetry & Words

and all the waves of the cobalt night

northern michigan, trading post, stone buildings, green

by the firelight of wakened waves
and silent clouds of whistling stars
the universe shifted, thread by thread
and all the waves of the cobalt night
shifted in sleep and turned in bed.

when the sunlight breathed and woke the world
and verde leaves grew greener still
the dew sank low into the red clay earth
the oceans swayed and azul spilled
while creation sang of the Saviour’s worth.

here a mortal breathed and a mortal prayed
and welcomed dawn and the newest days
and folded sheets and whistled grace
and sought the horizon’s brightest face
knowing well the yonder shore
would bring promises spoken before
and the Light would shine without a veil
and all would kneel and all would hail
wounds made perfect, love made pure —
— prepared for us, beyond deep azure.
-07 july 2009

overgrown ruins, northern michigan, great lakes, trading post

both images via my brother john


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