planting lilacs and buttercups

sometimes i feel like i’m not going anywhere, not going anywhere fast or slow or at all. then i see the poster on the wall in our art room which says “the ride is the destination” and i remember, yes, bloom where you are planted.  then, wherever you are,  continue “unpacking the bags and setting up / And planting lilacs and buttercups, oh…/ i’ve got a man to stick it out / make a home from a rented house, oh / and we’ll collect the moments one by one / I guess that’s how the future’s done”

it’s still the winter, now, but last night as i walked back into the house from work, it struck me that there were a handful of brilliant orange flowers smiling ever so brightly from the decayed brown foliage. just like that, i want to bloom when it doesn’t make sense that i should.

i want to be refined like silver through the fire and a rock-covered diamond under the chisel…refined until the Master can see His reflection in me.

even if it hurts. and i know it will. but His grace is greater.


4 thoughts on “planting lilacs and buttercups

  1. “even if it hurts, I know it will, but His grace is greater!!!” Amen! Hey, I want to know what that yummy looking, half-eaten thing covered with caramel or peanut butter or something else is….


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