“i’m tired of fighting for my own way.  i was wrong.  i surrender, and i want to make things right again.”

for me at least, it’s not so hard to say this to God. i know it’s the right thing, i know His ways are higher than mine. i know i need to surrender. i know what He wants for me is better than what I want. and so, it’s not so hard to tell God this.

but, sometimes, God wants us to say this to the people right in front of us —  the people who look like anything BUT God.  the people who we’re so sure we’re better than. the people we’re so sure are wrong.  the people who treat us unfairly.

sometimes God asks us to make things right with THEM, instead of just jumping rank and skipping over them in our rush to surrender.  sometimes God wants us to surrender by looking at these people, laying down our stubborn pride, and telling them we are ready to make things right again.  it’s hard. it’s humbling.  but you know? i think it’s when our surrender actually becomes real.


2 thoughts on “surrender

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