the old year, the new year


we turned a quarter-century old. josiah wants to be 26, instead. we started an art-piece-a-day project, which we continued until the end of march. hannah visited us. they don’t sell very much jones soda in florida.


i finally got my nose pierced. josiah’s parents visited. we took them to an art showing and it sorta happened to be, um, not so nice art. oopsie. i started writing for green options media. we discovered our yard actually had flower beds. they were buried under about 30 bags of dirt and leaves.


“my eyes saw a far horizon.” -fernando ortega.

buck visited. josiah took him to gatorland. it was saturday, and i slept instead. josiah and i went to see cut copy in concert. it was at a club which apparently let in underage, i mean waaaay underage, kiddies. all kinds of weird!


“on the train ride to paris, from sunny barcelona.” -mason jennings

packed for europe using only two 1700 cu. in. backpacks. didn’t take any more pants than the pair we each wore. forgot to take a comb. walked all over france and spain. picasso, dali, the louvre, the eiffel tower, champes elsysses, the barri gotic.


returned from europe to florida to a moist overheated house with broken AC. the car AC broke on the same day. i got sick and ended up in the ER. fast forward to next month.


josiah won a kotaku writing contest. he wrote articles from E3 in LA. john visited. we got up at 3:30 am, didn’t see the Shuttle launch, saw an alligator, watched the sun rise over the Atlantic, drew creatures in the sand with the handle of a broken chair, rode in Shuttle launch simulator, had lunch outside Ron Jon’s, swam in the ocean, saw a shark, ate spaghetti, and danced to techno music. also, a crazy lady took up partial residence at 2 am in our screen porch. john opened the door when she knocked. i screamed. josiah called the police. john saw a sliced stabbed guy walking himself to the ER. giant cockroaches scuttled around our house. josiah bought his first pair of converse shoes.


our lease was almost up. we decided to look at condos the next day, but instead we decided to move to california. our AC broke again.


josiah sold his car. we sold the couch and made a pillow-and-blanket nest instead. we put all our belongings in boxes and put all the boxes in giant metal containers. i got so tired my arms and legs almost fell off. josiah had his last day of work.


“here we go again.” -james blunt

we took a 4,000 mile, 14 state road trip. we carried our iMac into all the hotel rooms. josiah caught giant salmon with my brother and dad. we arrived in california just in time for josiah’s dad to have his appendix removed. we unpacked. i started a new job. josiah launched 26:PM. i started to like a cat.


i got the flu. and i do mean, THE flu. josiah had an art booth at a local fall festival. we discover our new house, sans working furnace, is outrageously cold. we loved the premier of no parking, the movie.


we attended zaragoza’s CD release party. hannah, josiah and i reunited with shanley and with buck. the christmas tree wonderland turned into in-n-out milkshakes. i spilled shanley’s coffee. buck demonstrated parkour and freerunning. my car died.


outdoor temps dropped to 22. indoor temps dropped to 42. our housewarming party was complete with fondue, the moonwalk, and the 30-day notice that our house was being sold. (spoiler alert: we are still here.) hannah graduated. josiah finally met my coworkers. we celebrated Christmas, but perhaps even more importantly, we finally have indoor heat. woot woot!

“Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.” -Isaiah 43:19


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