what a week!

We leave Florida to become caretakers of Granite Bay property.

Tuesday: Landlords return to America after several months in Paraguay
Friday: Told us that our property was put on the market.
Saturday: Realtor showed house right before we had our house-warming party to celebrate 2 and half months in our new house. Later, we retroactively re-name the party “The Last Hurrah”
Sunday: Knock on our door pre-coffee/pre-breakfast. Answered knock in Dr. Suess hairstyles and pajamas. Told that potential buyers are returning to look at house again, asked to leave. Drove around for two hours in our pajamas.
Monday: Look at rental options and cry.
Tuesday: Landlords officially accept the buyers offer. We are given until Jan 9 to move out.
Wednesday: Find a lovely apartment, put down deposit. Application accepted.

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “what a week!

  1. This is one of those weeks that years down the road, you will smile and say, “Remember when that happened?” I’m interested to know what you found…


    • Isn’t that the truth? We sure haven’t had a dull life. For me, this is residence #12 in 10 years…not bad, haha. We’re moving into Coventry Park off Fairway Drive (across from Lowes/Winco).


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