Aveline’s New Simple White Dress

After looking at all those beautiful early 1900’s baby clothes in yesterday’s post, I was determined to cross “sew Aveline a dress” off my list of creative goals.

I traced one of Aveline’s dresses onto paper, then used that paper as a pattern/guide to create this new dress. My mom had given me the white cotton, and I already had the daisy fabric (it was a little remmant I found on a sale rack). It’s a little summery, I know; but we live in Florida, so we’ll definitely still be wearing white after Labor Day.

I’m so happy with how it turned out! (Just please don’t inspect the stitching too closely.) As a very beginning sewer, this a big accomplishment to me — even though it might seem like no big deal the sew-my-family’s-entire-wardrobe-while-grinding-flour-from-the-wheat-berries-I-just-harvested types. ;-)

Aveline in a handmade white cotton baby dress with daisy trim

Baby in vintage-inspired dress handmade from white cotton

Aveline in handmade vintage-inspired mod dress in white cotton with daisy trim

pretty little dresses from modcloth — inspired by lottie loves

each friday, lottie of the vintage fashion blog lottie loves posts about pretty dresses. it’s all part of a campaign she’s started called think frock, it’s friday! in order to encourage women to wear dresses at least once a week. dresses are so inherently feminine by their very nature, and i think it’s wonderful that she is inspiring women to wear dresses. here are a few little things i spied over at modcloth.com today. aren’t they pretty?

Cable Car Tour, Now Boarding, Soda Fountain, and Terrarium Workshop -- all dresses from ModCloth.com

1-Cable Car Tour Dress
2-Now Boarding Dress
3- Soda Fountain Dress in Ginger
4- Terrarium Workshop Dress

handmade baby gown upcycled from women’s dress [with link to tutorial]

thanks to a great tutorial i found here, i was able to create a baby gown/infant sack from one of my old dresses!  the tutorial was intended for cotton t-shirts, but of course i had to make things way more complicated and use a silky chiffon-like fabric.  seriously, what was i thinking?! i love the way it turned out, though. and i also love that since i got the original dress at a thrift store ages ago, the baby gown is it’s third life!
Before and After photos of a women's dress upcycled into an infant sleep sack/baby gown - vintage daisies 60's

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newborn baby onesie: embroidered owl applique from upcycled tshirt fabric

Squee! Just finished making this little owl applique for a newborn onesie. I had an old green t-shirt that was destined to become a rag, so I used a piece of that fabric for the owl’s body. I used standard thread for the embroidery. It’s not perfect, but then again, baby will only wear this for the blink of an eye before she outgrows it.

[Update: Owl baby hats are now available via my Etsy shop!]

appliqued upcycled tshirt green embroidered fabric owl on baby onesie

fabric owl, upcycled from tshirt, emroidered onto a baby onesie

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Hand-embroidered, Japanese, and Mexican Baby Girl Clothes

It was deliciously cold this morning: 27 degrees. (Go ahead, you Midwesterners, laugh at me. But this IS California, after all.) I woke up to the little dog curled up tightly in his bed…and my husband outside in shirt sleeves and wet hair — taking photographs of ice and frost. Brrrr. Even the sunlight looked cold this morning…icy blue and shivering. I grabbed my camera too (well, eventually; after reveling in the warm covers for an rather lovely amount of time), but didn’t leave the warm house. No sirree bob. Instead, I stayed inside and took some photos of lovely baby clothes. Ohhhh, I can’t wait to put a tiny little human into these clothes!

Hand-embroidered onesie in progress

close-up macro detail photo of colorful abstract hand embroidery on white baby girls onesie

hand-embroidered white baby girl onesie - taken in front of white curtains and blue christmas garland in morning light

Infant sleep sack from Japan

close-up macro photo of detail on japanese baby girl outfit

japanese baby girl outfit, hanging in blue light in front of window and curtains

Little Girl’s Dress/Shirt from Oaxaca, Mexico

mexican little girl's embroidered shirt from oaxaca, mexico

mexican little girl's dress/shirt from oaxaca, mexico

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owl rings and owl skirts and owl hats…

Last Easter, we bought grandma this owl ring. She rocks it, huh?

grandma modeling the forever 21 owl ring

Then this week, I was reading the newest Soul Flower catalog (which is amazing, by the way) and I couldn’t take my eyes off this lovely owl skirt:

Stoney Owl Skirt from Soul FLower

The inspiration was too much,  so I created a little baby owl beanie. [Update: You can now purchase baby and toddler owl hats at my Etsy shop.]

Handmade baby boys crochet knit striped owl hat - felt owl applique with vintage silk embroidery

More owl inspiration:

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INSPIRATION :: winter 2010 Toast UK catalogue

you’ve not grown tired of hearing me rave about the images Toast UK reveals every season, have you? good. because i’m about to gush once again over their brilliant photography and styling.  the fact that they’ve just released the winter catalogue certainly doesn’t tone down my enthusiasm. here in northern california, it’s still hitting 90 degrees. not ok for mid-october, says i. so how about some swirling snow, crisp air, and wooly sweaters to get our minds off the heat?

image via the Toast UK winter book - snow, mountain top, girl

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