Monday’s Pretty Things :: Bright White

Source: via Gina on Pinterest

I like the curvature of the stairs in this farmhouse remodeled by architects Cilia and Hendrik Tovar.

Aren’t the colors lovely in this room styled by Caitlin Creer?

Le Dans La is one of my favorite blogs…I can’t speak French, but boy, do I love the gorgeous, bright photography!

This is such a great play tent from (no joke) La Tente, as seen as on Bloesem Kids. Aveline would just demolish it though. Seriously.

Ohhh! Giant yarn! I like this a lot. Click through to Hokusfiliokus to see the huge pouf/beanbag fashioned from this yarn! So fun.

Now off to take care off some chores around here…ahh, Mondays. ;-)

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12 thoughts on “Monday’s Pretty Things :: Bright White

  1. A remodeled farmhouse? Not a bad idea at all as a weekend escape from the city. Combining rustic and original elements such as those amazing stairs and matching furniture for a comfy feeling sound bliss to me! Get me there!!!! Hugs, Igor xoxo

  2. I love that French blog! I thought you would like what it said: “I savor each day in this slice of life here. Each little corner of this house is beginning to tell a story. A little story that we have written here!”

    I guess you could have used google translate or something and it probably would have been better. But I thought it was so pretty and went with the pictures so well!

    Definitely some beautiful things!

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